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Globally Recognised Qualification Benefits…

For business owners, the benefits of being a G7 Master Facility are simple. Your print products are consistent, which helps maintain the integrity of your customers’ brand—and turns these customers into repeat customers. Your customer base will increase due to print buyers actively seeking out suppliers who are G7 certified. And lastly, your costs will go down because of reduced paper waste and ink consumption.

The G7 methodology allows you to:
  • Implement ISO printing standards and additional metrics
  • Ensure similar neutral appearance across multiple devices
  • Align all process, substrates and inks
  • Target grey balance and tonality

How is G7 connected to ISO and other print standards…

ISO 12647 is a print standard used by printers around the world. If you work with major brands or people buying print internationally you will notice that they often refer to this standard. G7® was created in harmony with ISO 12647, and the G7® NPDC curves were averaged from multiple press tests using ISO standard paper and ink. If you compare GRACoL 2006 with other ISO 12647 implementations (such as FOGRA 39) you will notice that the two reference print conditions are nearly identical. (They are so close that most people cannot tell the difference.)

In 2012 ANSI CGATS TR015 was published as a formalisation of the G7® neutral print density and grey balance methodologies. There are also additional print standards, developed in 2013, named CGATS 21 and ISO PAS 15339. These contain a collection of TR015-based reference print conditions that range from newsprint to premium coated. Updated versions of GRACoL and SWOP are based on reference characterisations contained in CGATS 21 and ISO 15339. The ISO 12647-2 standard was updated in 2013 as well. GRACoL 2013 is based on these changes.


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